(100% Working) Microsoft Xbox One Controller Driver For Windows New 2021

Controllers come in various sizes with different features and styles. Controllers were distinct and unique. This Xbox One Controller Driver is a wireless controller introduced by Microsoft. It owns a size of 2.7 MB data in users pc, with windows software.

The impulse triggers provide an unusual gaming experience, and the new vibration motors give real gaming feel for the users. It also possesses audio chat while playing by using a suitable earplugs/ headset because of high-speed data transfer.

It has a newly designed D-pad, which is responsible for both sweeping and directional movements.  There are enhancements in the thumbstick to enhance accuracy and grip. To access the data, triggers and bumpers are specially designed. For every gaming tool, good grip and control over various sets are necessary.

To achieve these ideal conditions, Xbox one control driver is featured with specially designed counters and grippers. The battery is also placed inside the controller, which helps the users freely.

Users can access this controller up to the range of 30 feet. It is capable to connect 8 controllers simultaneously according to the user’s convenience. The physical appearance of controllers drives the users towards them. Users can choose among 3 colors accordingly.

These Xbox one controller drivers are highly compatible with Bluetooth and wireless technology.

Features of Xbox One Controller:

  • The latest version of the Xbox controller has a rough structure to prevent slipping off.
  • There is a battery slot for the batteries at the backside of the controller. Users can also replace rechargeable batteries.
  • It comes with inbuilt Bluetooth, which makes pairing with pc easy.
  • The improvisation of the D-pad attracts the users.
  • In addition to the shoulder buttons, it also has a 3.5-millimeter jack.

Download Xbox One Controller Driver

Download Xbox One Controller Driver

Windows downloads itself when the computer connects to the driver. But if there is an update in the driver, then it won’t connect. So the user needs to Download Xbox One Controller Driver.

  • If Windows is unable to install the driver with the help of the device manager, then the user needs to update it manually.
  • Select Win+R on the keyboard to call the run box.
  • Enter devmgmt command with the help of a keyboard. And now it’s time to expand the Xbox One controller.

Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter on your keyboard

  • By right-clicking on the displayed screen, select Update Driver Software.
  • Select the option of automatic search.
  • Now the operating system starts downloading the updated Xbox one driver software.
  • Finally, verify whether the download Xbox one controller driver is successful or not.

Apart from updating the driver from device management, there is another option, i.e., Using the driver easy tool. This automatically helps in the download of the controller driver. The selection of a proper driver is important before going for any download, and Driver Easy makes the task easier. It recognizes the suitable driver and reduces the risk of the incorrect driver.

  • To reach this assistance, you need to download and install the Driver Easy tool.
  • Run and select the scan option to predict problems.
  • You can find the Update option next to the controller driver. Installation can be done with the free version.
  • Finally, click on the “update all” option not to miss any driver update in the system.

Anyone of the process can be adopted to install the Xbox One Controller Driver. Automatic Download Xbox One Controller Driver is one of the recommended ways to get the essential setups safely using a third-party tool.

Design Description of the Controller:

This Xbox controller consisting of 4 main buttons, two analog triggers, and sticks. In addition to these keys, there are 2 shoulder bumpers and a digital D-pad. There are also light emitters and a USB  port to cooperate with the computer’s smooth running.

These controllers also use high bandwidth protocols to communicate with the system. Many advancements and updates are done by the developers to overcome the hurdles in the smooth interface. It always strives to reach the user’s expectations.

There are several models of this Xbox One Controller Driver from the time of its introduction. The stereo headset adapter and the chat pad are the highlights of the controller. The menu will easily navigate you to get a clear idea.

Why You Need Controllers in Gaming?

For any system, input and output are the key factors; especially for gaming systems, the input should be accurate. Controllers are being used traditionally to provide interruption-free input to the system. The main purpose of the Xbox controller is to take over the grip of the game by the hands of the player.


This Downloaded Xbox One Controller Driver initially has simple dial buttons to handover the control over the game. When the human is engaged in the play, they expect for the smooth interface. For that, several developers are searching to develop an easy system for users to provide an amazing gaming experience. However, Microsoft always stood best to produce user-friendly gaming.

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