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Best Indian Alternatives to Chinese Apps & Remove All China Apps in a Click

There is much going between India and China. Due to the recent aggression from Chinese side on Laddakh border, Indian people are boycotting Chinese goods and apps. #BoycottMadeInChina and #BoycottChineseProducts are trending on twitter from last two days. In this article, I will tell you the best Indian alternatives to Chinese app available on google play store and also how you can detect all the Chinese app on your smartphone and remove them in a click. So let’s start.

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Below are some of the popular Chinese App Alternatives

Note: I am listing the best alternatives of Chinese app. The alternatives may be from Indian, USA or from some country other than China.

Best Alternatives of UC Browser and CM Browser

There is no doubt that UC Browser is one of the most popular Browser in India. It has a market share of around 14% in India. Google Chrome tops the list with more than 74% market share overall in India. So without thinking, Go and install Google Chrome on your smartphone because it is the best alternative of UC Browser.

Apart from Google Chrome, some of the Best alternative of UC Browser and CM Browser are Mozilla FireFox, Brave Browser and if you looking for high privacy then best one is DuckDuckGo.

Best Alternatives of CamScanner

Best alternatives of Cam Scanner are Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office lens. Both of these app are more secure, so you don’t have to think about your privacy.

If you are looking for Indian alternatives, then Rapid Scanner will be the best one. It has already over 500k+ downloads on google playstore with a 4.5 star rating.

Best Alternatives of Xender and ShareIt

Best Indian alternatives of Xender and ShareIt are ShareAll and Jio Switch. The best thing about these apps are that both are Indian apps. However, if you are looking for some other alternatives then you can go for Google Files.

Alternatives of Viva Video

Viva Video is a video editing app that allows you to work with videos and images to create your own video montage directly on your Android device.

Best alternative of Viva Video is InShot. However, we are not yet 100% sure that InShot is not a Chinese app. We will update it once we find it.

Alternative of TurboVPN

Turbo VPN is one of the most popular VPN app in India. Flix VPN will be the best alternative of turbo Vpn and it is also Desi.

Best Alternatives of Wechat

WeChat is not that popular in India. However, still it is used by many Indians. So the best alternative of wechat is whatsapp.

Best Alternatives of Clean Master

Clean Master is also one of the popular app in India. This app is basically use to delete unwanted apps and files. There are many alternatives of Clean Master, however, Google file will be the best and the most secure one. Go and install it without having a second thought.

Best Alternatives of Club Factory and Ali Express

Club Factory and Ali Express are e-commerce website based in China. The best thing is that this is not that popular in India.

Best alternatives of both of these apps are Flipkart and Amazon. Amazon and Flipkart are the most popular ecommerce sites in Indian with a combined market share of more than 80% in India.

Best Alternatives of Mi Store, Vivo Store, Oppo Store

If you are using Chinese phone then the brand app store will be preinstalled in your phone. Like if you are using Mi phone then MIStore will be preinstalled and so on. You can uninstall these app.

Best alternative for these store will be Google Play Store. If you are using Android phone, then Playstore will be preinstalled in your phone.

Best Alternatives of ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is also one of the popular File Manager. This is mostly used to go to the root folder. There are many alternatives of it, However, I recommend using Google Files. You can use this app to manage your files and also cleaning your unwanted apps and data.

That’s all for now. We will update more Chinese apps and its alternatives as we find the best alternative. So share this article to more and more people and make them aware of these Chinese app and tell them to install these alternatives so that India will go DESI!!

How to find all Chinese apps in my Mobile?

Want to know all the Chinese app in one go? You don’t have to google which app is Chinese or which one is not. Just install a app and it will list all the Chinese app in your smartphone and just with a one click, you can uninstall all of these apps too. The app which I am talking is “Remove China Apps”.

Remove China Apps is developed by onetouchapplabs which is based in Jaipur India. This app will detect all the apps made in china given a very simple UI to remove them.

How to use Remove China Apps to delete all the Chinese apps on your phone?

  1. First of all, Download Remove china apps from play store. Click here to download
  2. Open the App once it gets installed.
  3. Click “scan china apps”
  4.  Once the scan is complete, it will show all the Chinese app.
  5. Click on bin icon in the right to remove the specific app

That’s all for now. Share this to more and more people.

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