(Tested) View Saved Wifi Passwords in Android Without Root; See Connected WiFi Password 2020

In this article, I will tell you how you can know the wifi password of a connected device in your android phone. The trick I am going to tell you will work with both rooted and non rooted phone. This trick will work 100% for sure. Using this trick you can know the password of a wifi device that you are connected with.

Before going further, Here is what happened to me: I connected to my neighbour wifi through WpsWpatester app. The problem was I didn’t know the password of that wifi so I was limited to that phone only. Then I searched almost all the article on Internet and not a single one was working. After researching for hours, I finally find a working method 🙂

The method I am going to tell you will work 100% for sure. Follow the method and get the wifi password of connected wifi device or view saved wifi passwords. You can share these password with anyone that you like.. maybe friends and family that you want or may be your girlfriend ;v. Let’s come to the article.

Method 1: For Non Rooted Device – How to view passwords of connected wifi in android 2020

1. First of all, Go to wifi page and click on the connected wifi. It will open the connected wifi details.

2. Now click on IP Settings. There you will get two option: DHCP & Static.

how to know wifi password of connected wifi

3. Click on static. Now you will see more advance option like IP Address, Router, DNS, etc.

4. Copy the router IP address.

Note: For this most of the routers have address or

know wifi passwords of saved wifi

5. Now open any browser on your android phone and paste that router ip address.

6. There you will see a login page and if you are lucky as in most of the cases the administrator does not change default username and password of the router, then its your day. Try from below given username and password. This username and password will work for most of the users, I am sure!

  • Username – ‘admin’ and Password – ‘admin’
  • Username – ‘admin’ and Password -………….. (blank)

Most of the routers have these username and password by default. If the above didn’t work for you then google default username and password of your router brand. You will surely get default username and password for your router. Once you get it enter and BOOM. You will now surely get the password. Not only this you can change the wifi name, password, etc too :p

7. Once you get the username and password, Login to router page. Now you are into the router settings page.

8. Now locate wireless or wlan settings. There you will get the password.

Note down the password and connect as many device as you want through that wifi. As you have password, you can share this wifi with your friends, family or even your gf too.

That’s it. Enjoy other’s wifi for free.

This method is working 100% as I have verified it myself. If you have any difficulty then you can comment down below. I will answer your query ASAP.

Method 2: For rooted device – How to view saved wifi passwords on android 2020

It’s possible to find the password of saved/connected WiFi networks. But for this your phone needs to be rooted. If your phone is rooted then follow the steps and get the password of saved wifi or the password of connected wifi device.

1. First of all, download ES file explorer from playstore.

2. After downloading it, Install and open it.

3. Now you have to enable ROOT EXPLORER in ES File Explorer setting page.

view saved wifi passwords

4. After doing above step. Go through the Root Directory and find a folder named DATA.

know saved wifi password 2020

5. Once you find it, Click on it. Now you have to locate the folder “Misc“.

password of connected wifi

6. Now under the WiFi folder, you need to find the file with name wpa_supplicant.conf. Simply open the file with any text editor or simply use the ES File Explorer’s built-in text/HTML viewer.

wifi password non rooted android

7. Now you’ll find the SSIDs (network name) and passwords for every network you’ve ever connected to. Just note down the password and Enjoy!!

Note: Do not edit anything in wpa_supplicant.conf or anywhere else in the root folder.

That’s it. Through this method you can get the password of every wifi device you have connected with earlier or you can view saved wifi passwords in 2020.

Method 2 In short : In case of Rooted Android phones (View saved wifi passwords trick 2020)

  • Download any root file manager (ex- ES File Explorer)
  • Goto /data/misc/wifi
  • Open wpa_supplicant.conf using text editor Now you can see your stored password

Hope you like this article. If you have any query related to this article then you can comment down your query below. I will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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