Who is Binod and Why is he trending? Best Binod Memes

Who is Binod and Why Binod Memes is everywhere? For over three days, Mumbai, Nagpur, Jaipur and UP Police carried out a search operation to find an individual on Twitter. No, not Vikas Dubey, this individual was Binod. Just Binod. This can became one of the most trending memes on social media. From Paytm to Tinder India, everyone follows the trend.

Paytm changed its username to Binod, Tinder India started finding Binodini for Binod, Swiggy hoped for a call from Binod, Airtel expected all its callers to become Binod. But who is Binod and why is it all over the social media.

Twitter trends changes rapidly but the inclusion of #Binod and #PinkuKumar trend left users extremely puzzled. Not just on Twitter, #Binod has swept across Instagram and Facebook as well. As a part of the trend, users’ type “Binod” under facebook posts or Tweets; calling everything and terming everyone as “Binod”. Some users have also started asking the relevant questions “who is the real Binod” and “How the real Binod must be feeling?”

Since becoming viral, the hashtag has been used by various top brands and their social media accounts; as well as the Twitter handles of Paytm and Netflix India.

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Who is Binod and why is Binod Memes trending? Binod Kon h | Binod Viral Memes

Everything began from a video from a youtube channel name Slayy Point. They released a video on their youtube channel titled regarding weird YouTube comments titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD MEMES).” In the video, uploaded on July 15, it shows why the Indian comments section is “garbage” by discussing some of the weirdest and funniest comments left on YouTube videos.

Amongst all the comments, a comment by Twitter user Binod Tharu caught their eye and was featured in the video. Tharu just wrote his first name “Binod” under the video and left both of them perplexed. They were amazed at the “Binodness” of this comment. The video has been viewed almost 6 million times on youtube.

After this video, various Indian YouTubers began noticing “Binod” written in their comments sections. It sparked a trend on YouTube which ultimately caught the attention of the Indian Meme community making it one of the top trends on Twitter, facebook. The meme was further made popular by some of the most popular facebook group. Users started commenting ‘Binod’ on almost every post.

Best Binod Memes | Binod Viral Memes | Binod Tharu Memes

Binod memes
Binod memes
Binod kon h
Binod kon h
Who is binod
Who is binod

Binod viral memes
Binod viral memes

Here is how twitterati reacted on Binod Memes:

Binod Meaning | Binod Memes Viral Meaning in Hindi | Binod Memes why

Binod (Nepali: विनोद) is a male given name in the Bengali, Hindi, Nepali and Bodo languages, which comes from the Sanskrit meaning “happiness” or “joy”.

What ‘Binod’ means in Social Media? Why Binod Memes are viral?

Binod means nothing. It’s just a name. People made it popular by making memes related to Binod.

Binod Memes are all over twitter and facebook. Even Binod Memes was trending on twitter from last two days. Some of the topmost hashtag related to Binod were #BinodMemes #BinodMemesWhy #WhoIsBinod #JusticeForPinku #BinodAndPinkuKumar, etc.

Who is Binod Tharu and why he commented Binod on youtube video?

Binod Tharu is a youtube user who commented just ‘Binod’ on Slay Point’s youtube video. Isn’t this weird? The channel saw Binod comment and reacted on it. No one knows who Binod tharu is, but he must be feeling happy seeing all the memes on his name.

Long before spreading out to twitter and other social media platforms, the #Binod trend was already on Reddit. There was already a subreddit with title Binod where anyone can share anything related to Bindo. Even Slayy Point, the youtuber channel who first reacted on Binod, acknowledged the potential of “Binod” and changed their account description to include “Founder of BINOD.”

We thank the real Binod tharu for giving us an opportunity to laugh and enjoy in this worse time due to Covid. Now you know why everything is Binod, go jump on the Binod trend and make your own Binod memes.


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