Who is Pinku Kumar and why is he trending? Pinku Kumar Memes

Last updated on August 10th, 2020 at 05:33 pm

First, everything was cake. Now, everything is “Pinku Kumar”. While it is one of the most bizarre.

This trend began from a single comment on a YouTube video. While exploring through the comment section of one of videos on youtube, someone came across “Pinku Kumar”. The subsequent video led to the internet going gaga over “Pinku Kumar” and including it into the list of bizarre Social trends.

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Pinku Kumar Memes | Best Pinku Kumar Viral Memes | Pinku Kumar Vs Binod Memes

Pinku kumar
Pinku kumar
Pinku kumar memes
Pinku kumar memes
Pinku kumar vs binod
Pinku kumar vs binod

Here is how twiter users are reacting on Pinku Kumar / Pinku Kumar Memes

Who is viral Pinku kumar and how Pinku Kumar memes got viral

Noone knows who actually Pinku Kumar is. He is just a random user who replied on a youtube video by commenting ‘Pinku kumar’ and that’s it.

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What Pinku Kumar Means | Pinku Kumar Memes Meaning

Pinku Kumar is a Indian name which means beautiful.

With so much traction around Pinku Kumar Memes, we thank the real Pinku Kumar for giving us an opportunity to laugh and enjoy. Now you know why everything is Pinku Kumar, go jump on the Pinku Kumar memes bandwagon and make your own memes.

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