Zachary Winton & Sabrina Dumdei: 5 Fast Facts to Know Biography, Age, Height, Partners, Career

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Zachary Winton and Sabrina Dumdei

Sabrina Dumdei and Zachary Winton have been discovered inside their Brandenton, Florida, house, deceased in what a police detective known as essentially the most “gruesome” crime scene he’s ever seen. Police imagine it’s a potential homicide suicide, and there was a documented historical past of home abuse accusations and threats from Winton to Dumdei.

Fb crammed up rapidly with Tributes to Dumdei, a hair dresser, who was remembered for her contagious smile, her variety nature, and her athletic talents. “My mind and my heart just can’t handle this. We loved her so much and she was a beautiful person❤️” wrote one heartbroken liked one.

One other good friend wrote, “She had such a beautiful soul, loved larger than life, and created fun with whomever she was around.” Member of the family Crystal Dumdei advised WFLA-TV: “We want her to be remembered by the positive, not these unfortunate last few months of her life.”

Bradenton police wrote on Fb: “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Help end the silence. If you or someone you know is a victim, reach out to Bradenton PD: 941-932-9300 or National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).”

Right here’s what you want to know:

1. Winton Beforehand Threatened to Lower Dumdei’s Throat & Police Described the Crime Scene as ‘Gruesome’

sabrina dumdei

Sabrina Dumdei

The deceased’s full names got as Sabrina Marie Dumdei, 37, and Zachary John Winton, 34. Bradenton Seashore police advised The Anna Maria Island Solar that they have been roommates and Dumdei’s father discovered them.

Police known as it a “possible murder suicide” and a “suspicious death investigation.” The newspaper reported that Winton had beforehand acknowledged, “I will kill her. She gonna pay. If I get charged with felonies, I’ll kill her then myself. I will cut her throat.”

In accordance to WFLA-TV, the pair “had a history of domestic issues in recent months” and Winton was arrested in September, throughout which he “made multiple threats against the victim.”

Det. Sgt. Lenard Diaz, of the Bradenton Seashore Police Division, advised the newspaper: “This is probably the most gruesome crime scene I’ve ever worked – the worst in 37 years that I’ve ever seen. It’s going to be really hard to put together what occurred, what the chronological events were that led up to the actual deaths. Going through the crime scene and photos, I’ll try to put something together, but it’s going to be speculation because there’s no witnesses and nobody saw anything.”

The mode of demise, together with weapon, was not launched.

2. Dumdei Was Remembered as Caring & Sensible, With a ‘Heart of Gold’

sabrina dumdei

FbSabrina Dumdei

There’s a GoFundMe arrange to assist Dumdei’s reminiscence.

“Hey everyone, as I’m sure you have heard, Sabrina passed away in an unfortunate way this past Friday. We are starting this gofundme to help her family in this time of need with funeral costs and all other expenses,” the fundraiser organizers wrote.

“Sabrina was a kind, beautiful, funny, loving, caring, smart woman with a heart of gold. This is an extremely difficult time for her loved ones, and every little thing helps. Thank you for all of your support and love, God bless.”

A lady who donated wrote, “Sabrina will be so greatly missed by so many. Prayers and hugs to your guys’ whole family during this heart wrenching time, and forever.. ♥️”

A lady who shared the GoFundMe on Fb wrote, “Please share and help if you can! This family has lost two children now in terrible ways. They are an amazing family and I can’t imagine the pain this is causing them! Please share, pray, and donate! Let’s join together as a community and help ease some of the worries.” The opposite tragedy occurred in 2003, when Sabrina’s 12-year-old brother was struck and killed by a pickup truck whereas crossing the highway. Sabrina additionally had two sisters.

three. Police Have been Final Referred to as to the Residence in Early October & Winton Had a Historical past of Violence In opposition to Dumdei

The Winton police report

In accordance to WFLA, police have been known as by Dumdei on October 12.

“She called and I responded, but when I pulled in, dispatch called me and said that because her boyfriend had taken the keys and she felt threatened. When I pulled in she said ‘no, never mind, we don’t need it’. That is what she told dispatch, so I left,” Sgt. Diaz mentioned to the tv station. “Probably three hours later, my officers responded again and I told them to make sure and do a report.”

In August, he was accused of felony counts of home aggravated assault with a lethal weapon, false imprisonment and tampering with a witness, and misdemeanor battery. Learn the report in full right here.

The possible trigger affidavit obtained by Heavy states that the sufferer and Winton “have been arguing for the last two days but today victim said it got worse. Victim stated …Winton refused to let her leave the house or his sight by threats of violence as she felt confined. Defendant then grabbed her by the face and then held a razor knife to her neck and said, ‘leave and see what happens!.” The sufferer had a nicely based concern that Winton had the power to perform such a menace and that it might happen.” She mentioned that he mentioned he wouldn’t enable her to use the telephone however solely to name his sister “as he hindered or delayed her from making any other calls. Victim finally got away and made the call to 911 dispatch but had to hang up in the middle of the call, as defendant had found her and once against put her in fear of the violence.”

The doc provides: “Upon my arrival, defendant was yelling and walking at victim… with a large kitchen knife I observed in his right pocket. Defendant was then issued verbal commands at taser point to back away from the victim. As he then complied and was detained. While detained in the police department, defendant winton made numerous threatening remarks about what he was gonna do when he gets out to victim.. such as ‘I will kill her, she gonna pay, if I get charged with felonies I’ll kill her then myself, I will cut her throat.’”

A second case in opposition to Winton from August mentioned the sufferer and defendant resided collectively “as a family” and have been collectively for six months. They turned concerned in a verbal altercation and Winton struck the sufferer on the suitable eye with a closed fist. She suffered damaged blood vessels to the suitable eye in addition to a big bruise.

four. Buddies Remembered Dumdei’s Contagious Giggle & Smile

Tributes flowed onto social media for Sabrina Dumbdei. They confirmed that she was tremendously liked.

“From being in my wedding ( 15 years ago this year! ) to all the craziness in between working and hanging out together. You bring a smile to everyone you meet and your laugh is contagious! You are beyond beautiful and kind and this world will miss you! We will miss seeing you at work it will never be the same,” one girl wrote. “We love you so very much Sabrina Dumdei.”

On Fb, Dumdei wrote that she was single and lived in Bradenton. One other good friend remembered how she ran monitor in highschool.

“One of my high school teammates, really, one of my teammates since I was old enough to play any sport, is no longer with us. I didn’t want to believe it for you…and for your family. I didn’t want to think what I was reading was meant for you. Sweet Sabrina, many hearts have broke yesterday and today for you. 😔” she wrote.

“Being she was a grade ahead of me, I always watched her play the game(s)…softball, basketball, volleyball. I watched how she moved, how she shot, how she hustled, how she spiked and served, and I tried to do what she did. She motivated me to be better, to hustle harder, and play harder. She was a natural athlete. She had a really niiiiice three point shot, an amazing spike, and one of our best setters in volleyball. We definitely would not have won our tournaments, districts/regions championships, multiple state appearances, and establish our volleyball program at AC without her. I loved playing next to her. She played hard, it wasn’t just a game to her either. I loved her competitiveness. Some of my best sports memories she was a part of.”

The good friend continued: “She had a unique laugh, if we all think on it, we can remember it, remember her smile, remember her heart. She was a friend to anyone who needed a friend, she was fun, silly, and brought everyone so much joy.”

5. Dumdei Lately Discovered Religion

Dumdei’s sister Jennifer advised WFLA-TV that her sister not too long ago discovered religion.

“I know that she is in Heaven. 10 days before her life was taken from her, she came to our church and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior,” she advised the tv station.

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